MICLEDI microdisplays


MICLEDI microdisplays is a tech startup in Leuven, Belgium. We develop, manufacture and sell microLED display chips for Augmented Reality (AR) glasses. 

Our dream is to enable AR glasses for everyday consumers - compact and lightweight, with long battery life, and augmented images that look just like reality - glasses that are so good that we won’t need TVs, desk monitors and smartphones.

MICLEDI is delivering a key component to make this happen - a tiny and super-bright microdisplay based on our new microLED technology.

Company: Micledi Microdisplays BV

Vertical: Consumer Electronics, AR glasses

Product: MicroLED display modules

Business model: Hardware Component Sales (fabless)

Technology IP: Spin-out of IMEC

USP: Size, Power Efficiency, Image Quality

Financials: Pre-Revenue

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