LED Device and Test engineer for a micro-LED display startup

We are looking for a top technical expert to drive LED device development and test for a micro-LED display for Augmented Reality.

Your key responsibilities include:

  • Optical simulations of LED and lens systems using computational tools like FDTD, beam propagation, mode analysis, ray tracing, etc.
  • Mask design for LED and Lens arrays
  • Optical test setup development and automation to characterize LED devices that you simulate and design
  • Optoelectronic device characterization
  • Provide scientific and technical expertise to guide process development for III-V LEDs in a manufacturing environment and short-loop testing in a lab environment


  • You have a track record and reputation in LED design, characterization and test, preferably from an industrial environment. Experience with micro-displays and/or imagers is a strong asset.
  • You have a good knowledge or hands-on experience of LED device manufacturing (starting from commercially available epi-wafers).
  • Experience in characterization of III-V epi-layer quality and working with epi-wafer suppliers is an asset.
  • You have direct experience with process development on different LED material systems for red (AlGaInP), green(GaN) and blue(GaN) LED
  • You have experience working with international customers in complex multi-site engineering projects, and can establish necessary planning and documentation. Project lead experience is a strong asset.
  • You have experience with software packages like Lumerical, RSoft, COMSOL, Labview, Matlab
  • You are an experiences patent author, with a demonstrable IP track record.
  • You inspire, motivate and take care of your teams. People love working together with you.
  • You don’t mind occasion business trips (work onsite, present at exhibitions, meet suppliers).

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