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Polychromatic microLEDs via Colour Conversion

QustomDot and MICLEDI Announce Joint Development Program for Polychromatic microLEDs via Colour Conversion

Ghent, Belgium, Aug. 16, 2022 – QustomDot, a colour conversion developer for microLED displays, MICLEDI Microdisplays, a leading developer of microLED displays for Augmented Reality (AR) glasses, spin-off of imec, a world-leading research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies, announced a joint development program demonstrating a full-colour microLED integration in polychromatic pixel arrays. The new technology addresses a growing demand of compact and energy-efficient microdisplays for AR applications.

The Flanders-based consortium enables a technology for high-resolution and high-brightness microdisplays, combining:

  • Stable, RoHS-compliant Quantum Dot (QD) colour conversion materials
  • New microLED architecture tailored for high-efficiency colour conversion
  • High-throughput QD transfer and patterning techniques on micron-sized pixels

“New QD materials for colour conversion are a game changer. Our patented method for producing RoHS-compliant QDs deliver high-quality and stable materials. This makes them effective for microLED applications, which will accelerate product development in this untapped market. ” – says Willem Walravens, CTO QustomDot.

“Polychromatic arrays is an important development for microLED products. The manufacturing precision of MICLEDI’s 300mm microLED approach is a perfect enabler for highly efficient colour conversion. Our new pixel architecture has been optimized for high-aperture (>60% aperture at a 3µm pixel pitch) which is a key requisite to achieve a high brightness with quantum dots” - says Dr. Soeren Steudel, MICLEDI CTO.

“We are pleased to support the new microLED developments with imec’s extensive technology background and know-how in the field of high-resolution patterning and transfer. We will continue moving the state-of-the-art in pixel resolution, uniformity and process throughput” – says Prof. Geert Van Steenberge, R&D Team Leader at imec-UGent.

The new developments are supported by Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship (VLAIO).


QustomDot focuses on bringing unmatched colours to microLED displays through quantum dot (QD) color conversion. The team combines QD synthesis, surface engineering and ink/photoresist formulation into patterned color conversion layers for microLED displays. Trough close collaboration and rapid prototyping with customers, QustomDot enables radiant colors in the customers’ devices. For more information, visit www.qustomdot.com.

MICLEDI Microdisplays is a fabless developer of microLED displays for the Augmented Reality (AR) market. MICLEDI’s technology is based on an innovative combination of III/V materials processing, 3D integration, and 300mm CMOS ASIC backplane design, with wafer-to-wafer bonding to provide a self-contained, compact, monolithic AR display with high image quality and power efficiency. Part of the process technology and prototyping is currently being perfected in collaboration with imec and will be transferred to an industrial foundry partner for mass production. For more information, visit www.micledi.com.

Image 1: MICLEDI's microLED arrays (Blue GaN, 3um pixel pitch) for polychromatic QD integration.

Image 2: QustomDot’s founders Igor Nakonechnyi (CPO, left), Kim De Nolf (CEO, middle) and Willem Walravens (CTO, right) presenting luminescent red and green quantum dots.

Image 3: MICLEDI's Co-founder and CTO Dr. Soeren Steudel (left) and Integration Engineer Dr. Emmanuel Le Boulbar (right).

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