MICLEDI microdisplays


Technology vision

MICLEDI Microdisplays is a leading fabless technology company offering high-performance microLED displays in a 300mm CMOS manufacturing platform. 

MICLEDI’s technology is uniquely positioned to address the demanding technical needs of future augmented reality (AR) glasses, such as display size, resolution, brightness, image quality, power consumption and cost. 

To enable perfect microdisplays for AR, MICLEDI has developed a world first solution for microLED manufacturing in 300mm CMOS platform.

Uniqueness of MICLEDI’s proprietary approach

Display performance:

  • Self-contained monolithic microLED display modules in a compact form-factor, including an integrated ASIC with innovative PWM display driving and full chromaticity correction enabled by the sub-40nm CMOS nodes
  • FHD RGB arrays with 3.0um pixel pitch and up to 10,000,000nit luminance, with a pixel-level beam shaping for wave-guide integration
  • All-in module power consumption below 1.0W in standard AR usage scenario

300mm microLED manufacturing:

  • Defect-free, CMOS-foundry compatible, RGB epitaxial materials on 300mm wafers via a reconstitution process, co-integrated with advanced node CMOS via W2W hybrid bonding
  • microLED technology tailored for industry-standard tooling and process steps available for volume manufacturing at foundry partners
  • Close collaboration with imec using imec’s 300mm pilot line and its depth of expertise in 3D heterogenous integration

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